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Balcrank’s involvement in the Automotive, Commercial and Industrial markets dictate that our pumps must be consistent with our customers’ requirements for performance, durability, reliability, and after-market support. At Balcrank our pump families are engineered for specific applications and customer types. Determining which pump is best for your specific needs may require a conversation with our specialists whom may be reached at 800-747-5300 or email

Lynx Series Pumps: The Lynx series pumps are designed for lower volume applications of synthetic and petroleum oils. Choose the 2:1 Stainless Steel pump for anti-freeze and windshield wash applications. They are excellent choices for tank packages, single dispense applications, oil bars, and portable units. Their modular design is easy to maintain and a cost effective solution for the lower volume or entry level customer.

Pride Series Pumps: The Pride Series pumps are designed for higher volume applications and severe environments for petroleum and synthetic based oils.  These pumps have larger air motors, a higher volume of delivery with higher air pressures. They are excellent choices for large automotive dealerships, fleet, construction, and heavy-duty applications where longer pipe runs and multiple dispense points are required.

AODD Pumps (air operated double diaphragm):  Balcrank’s CenterFlo AODD pumps are designed for high volume fluid transfer, short pipe runs, used oil evacuation, windshield wash, and anti-freeze applications. CenterFlo’s unique design creates higher suction capabilities for the evacuation of vehicle fluids from portable drains, tanks, or directly from the vehicle.