Credit Limit
Balcrank will establish a credit limit for distributor based on a comprehensive credit review.  Balcrank reserves the right to change this limit at any time, at its discretion.

Past Due Invoices
Past due invoices will incur a finance charge for carrying balances beyond the invoiced terms or the maximum rate allowable by law, whichever is less.  The finance charge for customer accounts is computed by a periodic rate of 1.5% per month which is an annual percentage rate of 18% to be applied to all past due balances.   Invoices, that are past due more than 30 days, may result in the withholding of additional shipments to the distributor. 

Effective January 2023 invoices paid by credit card will have a 3.5% miscellaneous charge added to the credit card bill.

All shipments to the distributor are F.O.B. Balcrank factory and Balcrank chooses carrier/routing.  The distributor may choose another carrier, but will need to pay the difference in cost from what Balcrank would pay using its authorized carrier.

Customers who require expedited freight, such as overnight or second day will be responsible for expedited freight expenses.  

Balcrank prepays freight for customers with approved credit, according to the following details:   

Shipments exceeding $2,400 net billing within the Continental U.S. 

Shipments exceeding $2,400 net billing outside Continental US, Balcrank ships to freight forwarder, customer is responsible for fees to the final destination. Shipments exceeding $3,500 net billing to Alaska door-to-door.

Shipments for all tanks/tank packages are F.O.B. Balcrank, call for specific freight costs.

Shipments for assembled cart based outfits are F.O.B. Balcrank, call for specific freight costs.

Freight costs are based on the lowest rate in effect at the time of shipment, except where noted.  Balcrank pays normal freight costs, any additional costs incurred (i.e. special routing fees; customs and broker fees, lift gates, residential delivery, construction site delivery, services, etc.) are the sole responsibilities of the distributor. 

* International orders: Balcrank ships to the freight forwarder and customer is responsible for fees from the border to final the destination.  


Shipping Policy

No changes allowed to orders the day of scheduled ship date.

Orders entered or changed after 12:00 pm EST cannot be scheduled to ship next day.

Large project orders: No changes allowed beginning 2 business days prior to scheduled ship date. We begin staging orders for large projects 2 days prior to shipment. Customer Service will confirm your large project order 3 days prior to shipment to confirm order content, any changes that are needed and to re-confirm ship date.

The factory may ship orders early if possible. If an order cannot be shipped earlier than the the scheduled due date, notation needs to be communicated to Customer Service at the time of entry.

Same Day Priority Shipments 

Online orders will not ship same day

Truck (LTL) Shipments will not ship same day.

Same day shipments (non-truck) must be placed before 12:00 pm EST to ship same day providing the required product is in stock. All same day shipments must be shipped priority (UPS Red or Blue, FedEx Priority) with priority shipping rates paid by the customer.

No changes allowed after 12:00 pm EST.