NEW Lion 450/600 High Flow Pumps-Oil


  Pneumatic Air Motors: Mechanically actuated pneumatic motors offer the reliability and dependability required to ensure non-stalling reliable performance in all applications and environments.

Superior air valve technology: has no energy consuming springs that could fail due to material fatigue. Lion pumps do not have the pneumatic end of stroke sensors that tend to fail in environments where bad or dirty air is present.

Air exhaust:  Reliable air exhaust design, manufactured in efficient heat dissipating aluminum, eliminates erratic pump performance and ice formation at the air exhaust. The air exhaust includes a muffler to reduce noise levels to meet or exceed OSHA requirements. The muffler can be removed and replaced by a connecting hose to the exhaust port for directing the air to a remote or outside location.
Modular design: Tough modular pump design allows for a selection of ratios needed for different applications. Modern pump construction, for easy service and maintenance, provides a comprehensive range of operating output pressures and high flow rates to meet the demands of today's customers.
In-line design: The anti-corrosive, hardened plunger and integral in-line construction align the air motor and piston rod to minimize friction and wear and maximize packing life.
High-quality materials: Aluminum die-cast pneumatic air motor with hardened anodized aluminum cylinder; light weight drive piston, stainless steel trip rod assembly, polyurethane seals and piston packings, cast iron pump outlet body, thick walled polished steel pump tube, high tensile hard chrome plated steel fluid piston rod. Inlet valves and seats are made of hardened steel.
Stub/Universal Pumps: Double ball positive displacement stub style pump tube used for positive priming and pumping of all grades of oil. Rigid or flexible suction tubes screw directly into the pump inlet.